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Cariño, encogi los indices


Oracle provee un caracteristica a partir de la version 8i, que puede proporcionar ahorro en uso de storage y disminucion de IO. ¿Has escuchado hablar de la "compresion de indices"? Bueno, en este articulo abordaremos una descripcion de esta caracteristica, resultados practicos, recomendaciones y metodologia de implementacion.

Honey, I shrunk the indexes


There is an Oracle feature that may provide savings in space and IO, have you heard of "index compression"? well, this feature is with us since 8i, but for many of, it's oscure or unknown.


Have you considered the impact of an unnecesary FOR UPDATE on your queries?

El export dump comprimido

¿Has estado en la situacion de mover un archivo dump generado por export y este es demasiado grande o que no dispongas del espacio suficiente para crearlo en el servidor de BD?

The squeezed dump

Sometimes you'll try to move data from one DB to another, or just between platforms. If you use the old export/import duo there are some workarounds to split big dump files in smaller pieces... but ¿what if, even with smaller pieces my file is unmanageable?

There is a workaround when working with Unix and Linux platforms: pipes and IO redirection.

These simple scripts would allow you to compress and decompress dump files 'on the fly'

Recover that lost space

Do you know what happens when you issue a DELETE? Have you wondered what happen after COMMIT? ... well, I might say that there is life after delete for all those blocks that belonged to the data recently deleted.

I'll present the following test case to show you how this works:


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